The Scoop on Winter Gloves

It’s officially Winter, and it’s officially COLD! There is nothing better than having something warm around your fingers when you’re out riding and doing chores around the barn! Here are some of our store favorites for Winter activities. The best part is we have all the sizes in all of these on stock in the store for you. Come on in, try them all, and find your favorite!

Roeckl Grip Winter Gloves: ROECK-GRIP® is an exclusive material. It is extremely breathable, elastic and supple. In short: it fits like a second skin. At the same time, it provides the excellent grip and tactility you need when handling the reins. For this winter model, the ROECK-GRIP® was additionally laminated with a warm and soft Micro Bemberg lining. The glove tailors from Munich also focused on the processing quality: the glove’s individual components are meticulously sewn together by hand. Maximum seam tolerances of just one millimeter are merely a tangible quality criterion, however, because comfort itself cannot be physically measured. It’s the cuts and proportions that make all the difference. This is where ROECKL benefits from 175 years of experience in the art of glove-making. This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE

SSG Digital Winter Lined Gloves: These are for any type of riding; fleece lined, have the SSG Digital palm and back (the digital pattern is designed for the best grip and wear in the industry), they are the ultimate in feel, comfort, grip and style! This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE

SSG All Sport (Polartec) Gloves: These are for all types of riding and outdoor activities! They are made of Polartec and Powerstretch materials for the best warmth and flexibility that wicks away moisture. They have a silicone palm print for extra grip. This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE

SSG Windstopper Riding Gloves: These gloves are wind and water resistant. Allowing skin to breathe, they are soft and comfortable like fleece. A skin tight fit makes it possible to adjust your tack without taking off your gloves. This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE

Horze Fleece Gloves: Value-priced gloves for winter warmth. Soft and warm fleece winter gloves with PU-material on the palm give you improved grip. The hook and loop fastener wrist fastener offers you more flexibility and comfort. Pick these great gloves for your everyday cold weather riding needs. PU-material on the palm gives improved grip hook and loop fastener wrist fastener Great gloves for your everyday cold weather riding needs. This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE

Horze Evelyn Winter Gloves: A summer favorite, made into a winter version! Elegant winter riding gloves are fashionable yet warm and luxurious. Two-way stretch material, water repellent and windproof qualities make these elegant gloves functional as well as fashionable. The PU leather at the palm and soft fleece bonded inside add a luxurious feel. The elastic closure at the wrist keeps snow and cold out. Features include: 2-way stretch, Windproof, Fleece lined, PU leather at palm, Water repellent, and Ideal for cold weather comfort. This and more information can be found on their website –> HERE


For the Love of Fleeceworks

I’ve definitely never loved a pad more than I love my Fleeceworks half pad. The quality and durability has been outstanding. Their website sums up the company’s products quite simply: Fleeceworks products – where minimum bulk assures maximum performance through the combination of technology and natural fibers.

Did you know? Each material that is used in our (Fleeceworks) pads was selected because it is the best choice for each particular job. Our genuine Australian sheepskin comes from older, wool producing sheep. Unlike lambskin, whose wool is very thick and tends to be coarse, the sheepskins from older sheep are dense, strong and very soft. This type of wool allows us to shear the wool down to about 1” length, which is the optimum length to protect against pressure points, deliver an effective thermal balancing layer and yet retain the fit and contact of your saddle.

The two major benefits of real sheepskin are its ability to prevent pressure points and to deliver vital thermal balance. Genuine sheepskin has long been valued in the medical field. Bedridden and wheelchair bound patients depend on it for its ability to prevent pressure points. Even a well-fitted saddle can cause pressure due to the points of the tree and stirrup bars bearing weight over the shoulders. Fleeceworks pads are carefully constructed to provide extra protection in these vulnerable areas.

Come in to see (and feel!) our fabulous Fleeceworks pads. While we have a small variety of what the company has to offer, we are more than happy to discuss other options and special orders are always welcome.

Information about Fleeceworks pads are taken from the Fleeceworks website: Follow the link for this and more information. 


Winter is Coming!

It’s already September and unfortunately winter is just around the corner. Here in Southern Oregon we are scrolling through our weather apps and it looks like rain is finally in the forecast for early next week. Temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier, and now rain? It seems like the smoke has barely just started to clear and the end of summer is finally here. This means blanket season for our horses and jacket season for us! While I personally love having a closet full of cute winter jacket options for both riding and going to town in, it’s time to start looking for a new rain sheet for my horse.

Horze Equestrian has some wonderful options for any horse and any weather! Our store is brimming with new blankets that have just arrived with our fall selections! One of my favorites, is the Horze Avalanche pro blanket. It comes in blue or black and with a sheer liner or a fleece liner in not just a rain sheet, but in a mid and heavy weight. It also comes in pony sizes! We can’t forget our little furry friends. Last winter we experienced at foot and a half of snow at my house, it was unbelievable. I took comfort in knowing my horse was tucked away at the barn in her Horze Avalance 1200D heavy weight combo blanket. All of the Horze Avalance blankets come with a 1200D. Makes for a tough outer shell, that is waterproof and best of all it’s made to move with the horse. No funny restrictive seams  making it uncomfortable for the horses to move around in.

Straight from Horze Equestrian Website is the cool features of the Avalanche blanket line:

  • 1200D polyester square rip stop outer shell to preserve waterproof/breathability/windproof benefits
  • Buckles made of high-quality, durable material
  • Taped seams for waterproof durability
  • Detachable elastic leg straps
  • Large tail flap attached deep on the back of the blanket for full coverage and wind protection
  • The fit allows extra comfort at the withers and prevents rubbing
  • Velcro front closure with T-buckles overlaid for quick and easy fastening
  • The extra high gusset is moved forward to allow maximum freedom
  • Cross surcingles with elastic for added flexibility
  • High neck with shaped shoulders
  • Reflective trim
  • U-cut fit in front allows more room for the horse’s legs

Come on by and see our selection of winter blankets. Not interested in Horze? We have a variety of other brands available to you.

Helmets, Helmets, Helmets

Helmets are a trusted part of everyday riding and nothing makes wearing a helmet easier than having the perfect fitting one! Especially in the summer it’s nice to have one that is lightweight and breathable. We carry many options in helmets varying by brand, style, and size. We even have multiple options for children’s riding helmets. To highlight a few of what we have in store:

Image result for charles owen ary8 helmet

Charles Owen: Ayr8 Helmets: Up-to-date styling, fit and unparalleled safety make the Ayr8 the latest choice in equestrian protection headwear. This low profile helmet features centrally located front and rear ventilation holes covered in mesh, while the side panels are covered in microfiber suede. The GRpx® technology harness takes the superb fit to the next level. ASTM-SEI certified.

Tipperary: Sportage 8500: Performance – ASTM-SEI certified (ASTM Standard F1163-15). Style – Aggressive cut away profile in carbon fiber print. Ventilation – Functioning top and rear vents for high temperature relief. Fit – Contoured back drop shell and comfort foam interior cradle the head for increased protection. Colors – Matte Black, Carbon Grey, Cocoa Brown, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Electric Blue. Sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL

oneK: The Defender Riding Helmet features a Chamude® synthetic suede covered Polycarbonate and Advanced ABS Composite outer shell; injection molded shell design; washable quick-dry, moisture wicking, anti-microbial liner; stainless steel mesh; comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, hook & loop adjustment, and Fastex buckle; two side, two front, one back, and two center stripe vents. Certified to ASTM standards.

Ovation: Ovation riding helmets are all approved to ASTM or SEI ASTM standards. Beyond safety, women riders want a helmet that looks great, has a low profile, as well as being comfortable to wear. Ovation riding helmets come through on all points. Many of the Ovation schooling helmets are offered in fashion colors as well as attractive metallic or matte finishes. Ovation low profile, light weight, vented performance helmets transition from schooling to show ring in style. We carry styles such as the Deluxe Schooler, Protege, Extreme, and Sync.

Troxel: The Intrepid features an ultralight, low profile design created for the performance-oriented rider. Moisture-wicking padding, self-adjusting SureFit™ Pro technology and superior ventilation provide an unmatched level of comfort and stability during demanding hours in the saddle.   Troxel’s Liberty features an ultralight, low profile design with DialFit technology and a variety of available finishes created for schooling and all-purpose riding. Large vents provide superior ventilation for a cooler, more comfortable ride. All helmets are ASTM/SEI certified.

Cool Products for Summer

Summer is a great time to get out and ride with your friends, train, and go to shows! We carry some fantastic products in store that will enhance your summer experiences.

From our friends at Horze Equestrian we have Un-Lock Muscle Formula Paste, Finn-Tack Ice Wraps, Horze Supreme Silent Ear Net, and our staff favorite the Horze Leather Largo Halter – real stylish leather halter that only retails for $59.99!

The Un-Lock Muscle Formula Paste: Un-Lock™ Advanced Muscle Formula Syringe is a scientifically formulated, patent-pending nutritional supplement created with one goal in mind: to help horses train and perform at their best! Includes only proven nutrients to improve performance, prevent cramping and tying up, maintain top speeds and improve recovery. When this happens horses obtain dramatic gains in endurance and performance.

Finn Tack Ice Wraps: Quick cooling wraps are designed to comfort your horse’s legs after exercise. This is a fast and easy solution to decrease swelling with cold therapy. These essential wraps stay soft when frozen making it easy to wrap your horse’s legs. Four quick-grip Velcro straps let you determine the amount of compression applied to the leg. These wraps are great for treating arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons, and ligaments.

Horze Supreme Silent Ear Net: The sporty style and classic good looks of this ear net allow comfort and airflow without the distraction of crowd noise or traffic to interfere with your ride. The breathable ear pieces are made of neoprene It comes in neutral colors to blend nicely with your horse, and is trimmed with a scalloped edge giving it a polished, finished look. The front piece covers the forelock area without brushing your horse’s eyes. You will both ride in peace with this stylish hood.

Horze Leather Largo Halter: Soft leather halter. Lining at nose and neck straps. Adjustable at both cheek and nose. Snap hook at cheek. Brass fittings. Available in store in Brown or Black for only $59.99! Featuring:

  • Soft leather
  • Lining at nose and neck straps
  • Adjustable at both cheek and nose
  • Snap hook at cheek
  • Doubled stitched leather
  • Brass hardware


A Little Note on Feed

I know everyone has a feeding regime specialized for their horses that they feel keep the animals performing at their very best. I came across a feed six months ago that I am just head over heels for. I’ve been at various barns, each with their own specialized feeding programs. I honestly had never really seen much a difference despite the variance in feeds. My horse was competing early this year and I was looking for something to feed that would keep weight on, wasn’t going to cost me a fortune, and wouldn’t make a hot horse any hotter.

I started speaking with others inquiring about their favorite feeds. A couple of people had said that they had good luck with a feed called “Renew Gold“. I was skeptical. According to their website, “Renew Gold is a unique formulation of energy dense, low starch, premium quality Non-GMO ingredients. The combination of High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® Coconut Meal and Flax provides a uniquely efficient formulation that is lower in starch than grains or sweet feed. The unique combination of three protein and fat sources and other premium quality  ingredients allows Renew Gold to provide concentrated nutritional support for horses of all types and uses. Made in the USA.” (

Say what? That’s all in a horse feed? I don’t even think I eat that well in my daily life! At renewgold$30+ dollars a bag I wasn’t quite sure that it would live up to all of the claims. But wrong I was. At a 1/2lb a day with some basic supplements, my horse has never kept weight this well while competing, through our brutal (for us) Southern Oregon winter, and her coat has never been more shiny or soft. I’ve had her turned out most of this winter, in light work, so my once daily grooming habits have slipped to 2-3 times a week. I can’t even believe how incredible her coat looks and feels. Last winter she dropped a lot of weight and I was bulking her up on beet pulp. But this year, I’ve only had her on the 1/2lb of feed and she is maintaining her proper weight.

I’m as surprised as anyone that it really worked as well as it did. Everyone has their own program that they find has worked for them – but I wanted to drop a note about how amazed I was at the difference in my girl since putting her on Renew Gold. By the way, we keep stock in our store. At a 1/2lb once a day, a bag lasts an entire month!

Has anyone ever tried this product with good results? Or an unnoticeable difference? Always curious to hear what people think! It seems like all we can do is keeping trying until we find the best results.

~ Savannah

Those Pesky Winter Blues

There is just something about the middle of January that leaves us all feeling a little blue. The holidays are over, winter weather has set in, and like most equestrians, we are just counting down the days until Spring. Spring means longer days and warmer weather! And hopefully a little bit less excited horses. This time of year also signals the start of getting prepared for the coming show season. At least for us here, that begins about March or April for the recognized shows to begin. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of those traveling down I-5 to Southern California, show season has already begun!

Now is about the time to start planning out a tentative year. If that means getting a group together to go trail riding, finding a local clinician to work with, or mapping out a plan for the year, both horse and rider start focusing on looking good for the year ahead. I know I’ve had to motivate myself with an extra cup of coffee most mornings to get out to the barn to ride, especially when it’s 25 degrees outside and stormy. That and spend a little extra time at the gym after weeks of holiday fun.

One of my favorite ways to get motivated for the year ahead is to flip through all of the spring catalogs to see what everyone is going to be wearing for the new year. I regularly compete in the Dressage ring, and am continuously surprised at what people are wearing. When I started competing years ago, everything seemed formal and traditional; white shirts and breeches, black boots and a black jacket. Maybe, if you were feeling inspired, a sparkly stock tie pin.

Now it seems like navy blue and brown are the new black. And the rhinestones! I myself and a huge sparkle fan, but even I am bemused at the (overuse?) of these lax regulations. Assuming the base color is neutral, I don’t see any rules against having brown and dark blue coats, helmets, and even boots! Everything that is everything has sparkle on it; boots, spur straps, spurs, belts, gloves, stock ties, jackets, and even helmets! I guess trying to blind the judge is always an option if your horses chooses to have a misbehaving moment.


Rainy  Rancho Murieta Dressage Show ~ Dressed by Gid-De-Up Barkins Boutique

I work at a tack store and both fortunately and unfortunately I spend my days surrounded
by so many cool, new and fun tack and apparel for the horse and rider.  My “Go-To” for the show season in the Dressage ring is Ariat Dress Boots, ROMFH breeches, ROMFH chill factor show shirts, ROMFH quiet bling belts, ROMFH stock ties (with a blingy or colorful pin of my choosing!), Pikeur show jacket, Neumann tackified summer riding gloves, and my favorite helmet by Charles Owen! Waldhausen USA is my favorite for stylish tack and attire for my horse; a little European style, a bit of bling, and at an affordable price.

I love the traditional black and white, but I also enjoy seeing what great color palettes will be in the show ring this year. Gearing up for the season ahead gives me motivation to make it out to the barn for those early, cold, winter morning. Lessons and clinics are a good way to also get you and your horse prepped for the season ahead. Hey, maybe the more we start getting organized now, the faster the fun of the spring season will come upon us!

~ Savannah



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