A Little Note on Feed

I know everyone has a feeding regime specialized for their horses that they feel keep the animals performing at their very best. I came across a feed six months ago that I am just head over heels for. I’ve been at various barns, each with their own specialized feeding programs. I honestly had never really seen much a difference despite the variance in feeds. My horse was competing early this year and I was looking for something to feed that would keep weight on, wasn’t going to cost me a fortune, and wouldn’t make a hot horse any hotter.

I started speaking with others inquiring about their favorite feeds. A couple of people had said that they had good luck with a feed called “Renew Gold“. I was skeptical. According to their website, “Renew Gold is a unique formulation of energy dense, low starch, premium quality Non-GMO ingredients. The combination of High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® Coconut Meal and Flax provides a uniquely efficient formulation that is lower in starch than grains or sweet feed. The unique combination of three protein and fat sources and other premium quality  ingredients allows Renew Gold to provide concentrated nutritional support for horses of all types and uses. Made in the USA.” (http://www.renewgold.com/renew-equine)

Say what? That’s all in a horse feed? I don’t even think I eat that well in my daily life! At renewgold$30+ dollars a bag I wasn’t quite sure that it would live up to all of the claims. But wrong I was. At a 1/2lb a day with some basic supplements, my horse has never kept weight this well while competing, through our brutal (for us) Southern Oregon winter, and her coat has never been more shiny or soft. I’ve had her turned out most of this winter, in light work, so my once daily grooming habits have slipped to 2-3 times a week. I can’t even believe how incredible her coat looks and feels. Last winter she dropped a lot of weight and I was bulking her up on beet pulp. But this year, I’ve only had her on the 1/2lb of feed and she is maintaining her proper weight.

I’m as surprised as anyone that it really worked as well as it did. Everyone has their own program that they find has worked for them – but I wanted to drop a note about how amazed I was at the difference in my girl since putting her on Renew Gold. By the way, we keep stock in our store. At a 1/2lb once a day, a bag lasts an entire month!

Has anyone ever tried this product with good results? Or an unnoticeable difference? Always curious to hear what people think! It seems like all we can do is keeping trying until we find the best results.

~ Savannah

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